#SheMeansBusiness Virtual Workshop

Siyafunda CTC is  running a META initiated project #SheMeansBusiness

A workshop especially designed for entrepreneurial/business orientated women to connect, share knowledge, access training in digital marketing, finance and business development.

There is a need to empower aspiring and existing entrepreneurs/business-orientated women through Digital Marketing training.


  • To inspire, empower and train female entrepreneurs across the country to build, grow and start their own businesses.
  • build capacity of women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs on how they can leverage digital marketing tools to grow their businesses.
  • Virtual platform via ZOOM
  • Mobile or laptop
  • Training in either: WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram
  • A survey to be filled out by all participants, to determine whether training will be provided in WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram
  • Duration: 90 mins
  • Airtime vouchers will be supplied to attend the session 
  • Support to be provided  to those participants who need it
  • Post Training support to be provided
  • Certificates will be provided to attendees.

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