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Empower – Educate – Econnect Communities

Uplifting Communities Through The Power of Partnerships

There is a growing need in South Africa to accelerate the development of individuals, in general, to align their skillsets to the new skills requirements of industries across all sectors. With the rapid expansion of the fourth industrial revolution and the need to incorporate these technologies in most working environments, we find ourselves facing huge challenges where individuals have insufficient digital skills to take the leap. The issue at hand is that we do not possess the capacity nor the proper teaching tools and equipment to effectively make an impact. Siyafunda CTC aims to overcome this barrier by providing critical and affordable ICT, 4IR, and business skills to communities whose focus is to:

  • Overcome the present challenge by providing essential basic to advanced skills that cover a number of critical domains required for all work environments of today.

  • Build a capacity of digitally skilled individuals who will be economically active and will support their families and communities in the most effective and sustainable way.

  • Promote inclusion and diversity

  • Enable individuals to further their studies with minimal challenges.

  • Promote the use and adoption of technology in every aspect of their life.

  • Accelerate the adoption and use of virtual learning and communication tools.

  • Enable learners to build career pathways for themselves.